Share Your Gluten-Free Tips!

Have you been living gluten-free long enough that you feel confident in your ability to plan and cook gluten-free meals and minimize gluten contamination risks while traveling and eating out? If so, you have an opportunity to share your gluten-free tips—knowledge, strategies, and solutions that help you or your loved one—with people who are much newer to living gluten-free.

Empty TableThose first few months living gluten-free can be really rough. When I first started living gluten-free in 2007, my family and I worked together to learn the ins and outs of this new lifestyle. We used mostly trial and error in product testing, dining out, traveling, etc. Needless to say, we made a lot of errors at first. Eight years later, I feel much more confident in my decision-making ability, but I am still learning new strategies for managing my health, preventing unnecessary glutenings, and improving my overall quality of (gluten-free) life.

Ironically, there is significantly more gluten-free awareness (and products) than when I transitioned to the gluten-free lifestyle, but I think most people feel more lost than ever. The vast amount of information can be incredibly overwhelming—guidance, especially personalized to individual needs, from someone who has been through the experience is invaluable to a newbie.

As I’ve mentioned (repeatedly), everyone’s experience with living gluten-free is different—while those differences make the learning process a little more difficult (at first), it also means there are limitless ways to successfully manage the challenges.

It is impossible for this blog to provide comprehensive information about living gluten-free without your help. If you see a question or problem you may be able to help answer or solve, please share your tips with us. Likewise, if you are in the process of trying to solve a specific gluten-free challenge, please feel free to reach out and ask for help.pancake smile

I’m developing a special section of the blog dedicated to your advice. I will highlight reader comments and emails (with your permission, of course) that showcase creativity, humor, confidence, and/or positivity in managing the challenges of living gluten-free.

I look forward to learning from you!

Leave a comment below with your favorite tips for a gluten-free newbie.