Easy-to-Bake Products

Cookie Mix

You’d never guess Positively Free™’s new Cookie Mix is gluten-free. It tastes that good! And you’ll feel good knowing that gluten-free means worry-free … safe … and totally delicious.

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Cornbread Mix

Here’s everything you love about cornbread – without the gluten, of course – and also without the fuss. This easy-to-use mix combines the best ingredients for a savory cornbread rich in flavor and light in texture.

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Instant Oats

While oats are naturally gluten-free, too often they are grown and processed close to wheat. Our oats are grown far from wheat – and are rigorously tested for traces of gluten every step of the way.

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A Guide to Living Gluten-Free

33 pages of practical advice for living a positive gluten-free life from Elizabeth Hall, plus a curated 25-page Resource Guide, which references the very best gluten-free resources available today.

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