Have You Met…Positively Free™ Singles?

(A little wordy, but I think Barney Stinson would still be proud!)

What are Singles?

Positively Free™ Singles are fresh-baked, single-serve,
gluten-free treats cooked in minutes at home or on-the-go.
Current flavors include:

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oatmeal Cookie



Please click here for more detailed instructions and nutrition information.

Why do I love them?

They are ideal for the gluten-free consumer looking for something new:

  • Fresh-baked taste every bite, every time (way better than frozen or shelf-stable treats)—whether traveling, in your dorm room, or at a holiday party.
  • Minimizes risk of gluten contamination, even outside your kitchen.
  • Built-in portion control, especially if you are the only one eating GF.
  • Manufactured in a facility free from Top 8 allergens—safe for multiple food sensitivities and vegetarians.
  • Customize Singles packets to match your cravings (add extra chocolate or toppings)—get creative! Change add-ins every time to create different combinations, especially if you get sick of eating the same GF treats all the time.

With the unique benefit of unparalleled convenience:

  • Fast (cooks in 2 minutes or less).
  • Easy enough a kid can prepare it.
  • Uses ingredients you already have or can easily get.
  • Shelf-stable packets (or keep in fridge/freezer for long-term storage)—perfect for packing in a suitcase or keeping in a dorm room.
  • Less waste, especially if you are the only one eating GF.
  • Portable for travel.
  • No one gets left out at dessert (great for kids).
  • No need to heat up the kitchen in the summer.

Have you tried Singles yet?

No!? I challenge you to try them.

Click here to purchase Positively Free™ Singles.

Psssst…Choose any of the Singles 6-packs and get free shipping on your entire order with code trysingles23 (expires 11/30/2016).

Free shipping on orders that include any of the following $9.90 six-packs: Positively Free™ Brownie Singles 6-Pack, Positively Free™ Cookie Singles 6-pack, Positively Free™ Cornbread Singles 6-Pack, Positively Free™ Oatmeal Cookie Singles 6-Pack, and/or Positively Free™ Singles Variety 6-Pack. Total order net must be at least $9.90. Cannot be used with any other coupon code or promotional program.  Must use coupon code to get the discount.

When you receive your order, please feel free to experiment with your Singles. We are always looking for new ideas for flavors, toppers, and add-ins.

Email me or tag us on Social Media (#pfsingles) to share your ideas!



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