Planning a Gluten-Free Wedding

Location, Location, Location

venueWhen you are beginning the process of planning a wedding that will include gluten-free components, it will be helpful to first determine the location of the wedding. The location of the wedding will determine what gluten-free options are available.

My wedding was held in the Baltimore/Washington DC megatropolis and we had access to gluten-free bakeries and catering companies that were familiar with gluten-free food preparation standards. If you live in an extremely rural area or are looking to have a destination wedding, it may be helpful to research the gluten-free options in those areas.

Type of Wedding

party glassesAre you having a big wedding or small wedding? Will it be fancy or intimate? Will it be at a hotel, church, or a loved one’s backyard? Will it be totally gluten-free or just partially gluten-free?

These questions are important to answer before making any big decisions about the gluten-free aspects of your wedding. If you are having a big wedding with lots of gluten-free guests, it may make more sense to keep all meal options (cake included) gluten-free. If you are looking to keep the budget for the wedding low, it may make sense to offer naturally gluten-free options and/or gluten-free meals only to those people who need them.

The good news is that there are limitless ways to have an enjoyable gluten-free wedding—you just need to decide what type of wedding you want to have so that you can know which aspects to prioritize in your planning process.

Food and Beverages

wedding foodEverything from the rehearsal dinner to the communion wafers can be made gluten-free. Simplifying the process as much as possible may be helpful—sticking with one catering company, restaurant, or hotel for all food preparation (or even preparing the food yourself, if you are so inclined) can make the process a little less stressful.

When we were planning our wedding, my husband and I knew that we wanted to find a venue that could provide gluten-free options because I wanted to be able to eat everything that was served at our wedding. We used the same caterer for our rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, reception, and morning-after brunch.

Similarly, we planned to have a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free wedding cake so that I (and our numerous gluten-free guests) could enjoy the cake. We hired a dedicated gluten-free baker to make the cake, but if that option is not available, you could easily make a few gluten-free cupcakes or a small gluten-free cake for those guests who live gluten-free. I’ve also attended several weddings that have opted for other types of desserts or a candy bar instead of a traditional wedding cake.


If you are especially gluten-sensitive:

Don’t forget to practice safe gluten-free kissing on your wedding day!

wedding cake

It may be helpful to have a hair and makeup plan that includes gluten-free beauty options.


Planning a wedding is stressful. Planning a gluten-free wedding is also stressful, but it can actually make some decisions easier. Have fun with the process of planning your wedding. If there is not a great gluten-free option available, think about ways you can creatively solve the issue so that you don’t have any additional stress on your wedding day.

Did you use any creative planning for your gluten-free wedding?