(Re)Introducing Le Veneziane: My Favorite Gluten-Free Pasta

It’s made in Italy.


It’s sourced from non-GMO corn.


It tastes like pasta—even my non-GF husband agrees!


For me, it’s the perfect gluten-free pasta. I’ve exclusively purchased this brand for over six years. Just to be sure, I’ve tried other options here and there—but no other pasta option (that I’ve tried) compares to Le Veneziane.

Long-time customers will probably recognize the name. This company has sold it before, so it’s not brand-new to us. Check out what previous customers have said about Le Veneziane pasta:

“When I found out I was gluten intolerant my first thought was, what do I do without pasta? I tried lots of different pastas but none of them hit the spot-in fact I did not like them. On a trip to Italy I found this pasta (the Italians really cater for gluten intolerances) and thought bingo! I brought back 5 packets and guarded them. Then I went on-line to discover I could get them here. This is without a doubt the best gluten free pasta on the market. And it is also GMO free which is important to me. I take it to my favorite restaurants and they make my pasta dishes with it-my grand design is that they will provide it on their menus. wonderful pasta!” (Kathryn)

“I love this pasta. I had given up on gluten-free pastas but received this as a free sample from somewhere and decided I might as well try it. The taste and texture are both great–even in leftovers a week later, the pasta was still al dente and there were no off flavors at all–just pasta. Yummy.” (Susan)

“Finally, pasta that tastes like pasta should! This pasta tastes like real pasta – no one would know the difference.” (Amy)

For the past several years, I’ve purchased a year’s worth of pasta (direct from the manufacturer in Italy) at once to save on shipping. No need to bulk-order anymore!

Freedom Delivered is now offering Le Veneziane Penne Rigate pasta!
You can either purchase an individual box or a pack of four boxes—if you order the pack of four, you get FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!


I hesitate to provide any pasta-related recipes because this pasta is great in ANY pasta recipe, but in case you are feeling inspired to try something new, please feel free to check out this awesome recipe site (translated to English from its original Italian).

pasta 3

As with any pasta, DO NOT OVERCOOK. Cooking times will vary depending on your location and equipment, so check the pasta often and take it off the heat when it is al dente.

pasta 2

Craving some fresh bread to go along with your pasta?

Although I am not an experienced baker myself, I happen to know a great one: Kathleen, blogger at Baking Free™, has created several fantastic (gluten-free!) pasta-appropriate accompaniments. Baking Free blog or just click the links below:

Cheddar Cheese Straws

Sundried Tomato & Pesto Flatbread

Baguettes (eat on their own or as Crostini and/or Bruschetta)

Gluten-Free Bread in a Breadmaker

Herb Popovers

If you’re feeling really ambitious and/or can’t wait for your Le Veneziane order to arrive, try out Kathleeen’s recipe for homemade gluten-free pasta.


PS – If you’re new to gluten-free baking, check out Kathleen’s tips below:

Learning to Bake Gluten-Free

Notes to Help You Succeed as a Gluten-Free Baker

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