Finding (Gluten) Freedom Stories: Doris

Finding (Gluten) Freedom Stories are about YOU!

These posts feature the experiences, advice, and questions of people (just like you and me) living gluten-free—they are intended to provide both insight and support for members of our gluten-free community, so please comment below if you would like to answer one of the questions or discuss your own experience.

Meet Doris!

Doris has been living gluten free since 2010.

“Gluten free baking is a little different than conventional baking and recipes might look like you haven’t added enough flour…don’t add that extra flour you will find that the item won’t bake properly or rise. Gluten free flours need that extra liquid to bake correctly.”

Why are you living gluten-free?

I am living gluten free because after years of feeling off and gaining weight regardless of what I was doing, my chiropractor was the one to figure out what was happening. I was gluten intolerant.

How long have you been living gluten-free?


Is your entire kitchen gluten-free?


Do you bake? Bake from scratch?

Yes, I bake from scratch.

What is your favorite GF resource?

Living Without Gluten Free & More

What are your best tips for a gluten-free newbie?

  • Shop the outer parts of your store. That is where all the fresh stuff is like fruits, vegetables, dairy (if tolerated), meats.
  • Stay away from processed foods—most contain hidden gluten.
  • Get a kitchen scale. If you bake, that scale will become your friend.
  • READ THE LABELS! If you do nothing else, this is critical for your health.

What surprised you the most about living gluten-free?

How quickly I no longer had migraines and my thinking became clearer. My joint pains I had for quite awhile vanished. I also was able to shed pounds quickly. No, I didn’t give up my cookies, cakes and pies, just made them gluten free.

What question(s) you are still struggling to answer about living gluten-free?

Why the US is still 40 years behind Europe when it come to Celiac and gluten intolerance. True we are catching up but as a nation we have a long way to go still.

(Note from Beth: I wish I knew, Doris!)

Do you have any additional advice for people living gluten-free?

Another thing most who are gluten intolerant (and I am guilty of this as well) have never been tested for Celiac. Get tested before going full bore into being gluten free. Once you go gluten free, the tests aren’t accurate. You have to still be eating things containing gluten in order for the test to be accurate for a minimum of 6 weeks. So if it’s only been a few days that you have been gluten free, have your doctor schedule the tests and go back to eating gluten until your tests are over.

Thank you, Doris!

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