Gluten-Free Makeup!?

I am psyched to introduce you to our newest partner, Afton Jones (AKA The Gluten Free Makeup Gal)! 

gfmg headerThroughout the month of June, Afton and I will be discussing various aspects of gluten-free makeup and skincare. I learned just about everything I know from Afton, so I am thrilled she has agreed to share her expertise with us. Take it away, Afton!

Should You Be Concerned About Gluten-Free Makeup? 

You are a Gluten Master.tiverylucky@FreeDigitalPhotos

You’ve been through the school of accidental glutenings and learned your limits. You’ve developed the Silver Tongue that coaxes correct info out of the waiter. You’ve acquired the Clairvoyance to read complicated labels and pick out the sneaky assassinator gluten nestled under harmless-sounding names. You’ve paid your dues and now your life has been radically purged of all sources of gluten.

Or has it?

Despite all your efforts, sometimes something just seems to be… Off.

Sometimes your face flares into painful rashes. Or your scalp itches like a hoard of ants descended on it. Or your lips crack and bleed like you’ve wandered the desert for a thousand days. Or your eyes feel heavy and swollen as water balloons. And every so often, you gaze into the mirror and realize that somewhere, somehow, you have been glutened. But you have no idea where, how, or why.

Even Gluten Masters can Sometimes miss Hidden Gluten

Jen was a total Gluten Master. At one point in time, her body had been nearly destroyed by gluten. But with the help of a Celiac diagnosis, the guidance of her doctor, and the mad dedication of a Gluten-Master-in-Training, she slowly began to heal her damaged gut.

But it wasn’t enough.

“I started getting rashes, pimples, itchy and swollen eyes. I’d get almost like blisters in my scalp and itchy and flaky stuff from my scalp and I could not figure it out!”

She tried everything, searched everywhere and frantically scanned her food labels. But her food was completely safe. So where was the problem?

“Finally a friend told me that she uses gluten free makeup products and suddenly, everything made sense. I started looking online and no surprise, there was my answer.”

Secret Gluten in Your Makeup Could be Sabotaging Your Healing Progress

It’s not the first thing you think of. When you run through your mental inventory of possible gluten sources, the last thing on your mind is probably your mascara, your lipstick, or your shampoo.

Because seriously, why on earth would gluten be in your makeup and personal care gluten_in_makeup_ingredientsproducts?

Gluten-grain products and by-products are actually extremely common in topical products.

Primarily used as binders and moisturizers, gluten-grain ingredients are typically cheap and easy for companies to source and use. And just like in food, gluten-grains are so common that it’s easier to find personal care products with gluten than without it.

To get an idea of how common it is, click the picture to the right to see a partial list of the possible suspect ingredients.

Should Every Celiac and Gluten Sensitive Person Really be Concerned?

After all, you don’t eat makeup, or shampoo, or whatever. So it shouldn’t bother you, right?

The concept of topical gluten affecting internally sensitive people is relatively new and hotly debated. There are many who claim that it can’t affect people, because it requires ingestion to be a problem. These people would agree that products like lipstick should certainly be gluten free.

But what about Jen? She’s merely one of thousands of internally sensitive people who have fled gluten-filled makeup. Just over the past few years, gluten free makeup has rapidly gained traction in the makeup world.

While many dismiss it as a fad, this doesn’t explain the internally sensitive people who genuinely have terrible reactions to topical gluten. When strange and painful symptoms vanish with the switch to gluten free makeup, there’s a lot more going on than just a temporary craze.

Should You Make the Switch to Gluten Free Makeup?

The truth is, only you can know for sure. Topical gluten sensitivity is as varied and complex as internal sensitivity. No two people will be exactly alike in reactions, nor levels of tolerance.

According to a survey run on, there are some common signs that might mean you have topical gluten sensitivity.

If you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms, you may need to ditch topical gluten:

  • Rashes
  • Burning or watery eyes
  • Untraceable, internal “like I’ve been glutened” symptoms
  • Swollen eyes/eyelids
  • Headaches
  • Hair falling out
  • Hives
  • Sores

If you’re experiencing these reactions on a regular basis and have been unable to trace their source, it’s time to look at your personal care products.

Perhaps by eradicating gluten from your skin, you’ll finally find relief. Just like Jen. “After switching to gluten free skin care, my eyes cleared up in two days!”

So Where do I Find Gluten Free Personal Care Products?

Unfortunately, they are extremely hard to find. It can take months of emails, trials and testing to do the research yourself and find safe products you’ll love.

But how about a shortcut instead? A gluten-free-lifehack, if you will.

Over at Gluten Free Makeup Gal, I’ve built a list of all the safest gluten free makeup, skin care, hair care and body care products on the market. One list, one PDF, and all the safest companies right at your fingertips. It’s 100% free, so all you have to do is grab it.

Click here to find safely gluten free makeup.

Will you make the switch?

Are the lightbulbs going off in your head? Does this explain a thing or two? Comment below and tell us if you’ll be ditching the last traces of gluten from your life!

Afton Jones has a passion for safe and gluten free makeup. She’s the blogger @ Gluten Free Makeup Gal and the resident crazy makeup lady of Simply Gluten-Free Magazine. A writer by trade and a Texan by birth, she’s been internally gluten free since ’07 and topically gluten free since ’11. Yeah, it took her forever to figure that out. Hopefully her work will make sure it doesn’t take YOU forever to figure it out.

Mark your calendars for June 17, 2015.

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