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I am psyched to introduce you to our newest partner, Afton Jones (AKA The Gluten Free Makeup Gal)! 

gfmg headerAfton Jones has a passion for safe and gluten free makeup. She’s the blogger @ Gluten Free Makeup Gal and the resident crazy makeup lady of Simply Gluten-Free Magazine. A writer by trade and a Texan by birth, she’s been internally gluten free since ’07 and topically gluten free since ’11. Yeah, it took her forever to figure that out. Hopefully her work will make sure it doesn’t take YOU forever to figure it out.

So you read Afton’s guest post two weeks ago and you’re on board—gluten-free makeup and/or skincare seem like they might be a necessity for you (or a loved one). You’ve decided to get started, but how do you begin when there is so much conflicting information about what products are gluten-free?

Step 1: Subscribe to the Gluten Free Makeup List

When I subscribed to the list, I was surprised how many companies provide truly gluten-free makeup and skincare. The list really helped me narrow down my options, but I was still pretty overwhelmed by the variety of the products available. I didn’t have the time (or money) to try out every product to see which ones would be the best fit for my particular skin type, makeup preferences, and coloring.

Step 2: Book a Consultation with The Gluten Free Makeup Gal

Imagine how much more valuable Afton’s list would be if you could talk WITH Afton about what you’re looking for and get individualized recommendations about what products would be best for YOU.

I contacted Afton to partner with us based on my (incredible) experience with this consultation service. I researched gluten-free makeup and skincare on my own on and off for over three years, and I always came away with less helpful information and lots more frustration than I started with. In one hour (ONE HOUR!), I had answers about all aspects of skincare, hair care, and makeup. Afton not only provided brand recommendations (plus real-time links), but also color recommendations and alternatives at various price points. A few days later, Afton emailed me a written list of her recommendations along with links to the products we discussed.

Sounds amazing, right?

It really is.

And now YOU have a chance to win your very own consultation with Afton to discuss your needs and preferences so that she can help you select the best products for your lifestyle (and budget).

You are eligible to enter the giveaway multiple times. Please note that you can receive the most entries by commenting on this post (up to 2x) with a question for Afton about gluten-free makeup and skincare. She will be answering some of these questions in her next guest post!

Congratulations to Tiffany R.! Please check your email for all the details 🙂

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*Giveaway is closed*

If you can’t wait two weeks to find out if you’ve won the consultation, you can always visit the consultation site here to book your appointment with Afton today.

Good luck!

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  • Holly says:


    I was diagnosed celiac a few years ago and have been gluten free since. What are your opinions on whether or not gluten free nail polish is needed?

  • Holly says:

    I am a college student and want to use entirely gluten free makeup, but as I am in college I am broke. Do you have any recommendations on gluten free makeup that is affordable?

  • Sara Arnold says:

    I already get Afton’s emails and would love to win this contest! I haven’t worn makeup in over three years because I’m so overwhelmed by what to do. 🙁

  • Heather Tchir says:

    I’ve been GF for almost a year, but didn’t really consider makeup till the last few months. Lots of conflicting info out there so it’s nice to have a single source to check with. I’m wondering if anyone has had a bump develop in the outer corner of their eye from using gluten containing makeup. Sorta looks like a pimple with no head (eww gross, sorry) but its been there for a while and I was thinking it might be from the eyeliner having gluten or other chemicals my body isn’t liking. Is that possible? Thanks in advance

    • Tanya says:

      Your “bump” is called a stye, and you may have a bacterial infection of your eye. I developed one (before I went gluten free for make up products) on my eye from using eyeliner with gluten. I “ignored” the stye and contined using the eye liner and ended up developing a full blown eye infection in both eyes (similar to pink eye), requiring antibiotics. This is because my eye make up had was contaminated with the bacterial infection (from the stye) and I basically was spreading it by continuing to use it and applying it on both eyes. I had to throw away all eye make up (it was all contaminated) and at that point made the decision to go gluten free on all make up products. I have not had any further eye issues now for 2 years. I would get the stye checked out, because it will be contaminating your make up ( if it is indeed a stye).

  • Heather Tchir says:

    I’m also wondering how important nail polish is with the GF community. I get my nails done once in a while and they usually have OPI or ESSIE so I just pick one, but now I see there are GF nail polishes. I don’t bite my nails and rarely even paint my fingernails (mostly just toes in the summer) so its not getting in my mouth. Is there a real reason to use GF polish?

  • Marcia says:

    I would love to learn more about gluten free make-up, I am Celiac and was diagnosed over 4 years ago.

  • Leslie says:

    Hi, I’m Leslie. I have Celiac and I’m wondering about the importance of avoiding glutens in make up and hair care products. I always stay away from lipsticks and balms that I’m not sure are gluten free, but what ingredients can I look for that will alert me to the presence of glutens in these products other than wheat germ oil?

  • Leslie says:

    I’m wondering about skin care products other than make up, like moisturizers and cleansers. What ingredients should I be watching for to avoid gluten in these products? I see wheat germ oil listed sometimes, but gluten is so often a hidden thing, I wonder if some of those unpronounceable things are gluten carriers!

  • Blaire says:

    What are the best gluten free moisturizers and sunscreens? Are there any that are good for acne prone skin?

  • Kathy says:

    Really need some help putting together an affordable makeup kit for everyday. Thank you for the helpful information you share on your Blog.

  • Tiffany says:

    I would love a gentle, GF face wash. Any recommendations or recipes of your own? Please and thank you!

  • Tiffany says:

    What are the safest shampoos and conditioners out there that actually work for your hair too? I’ve tried a couple free of gluten and a few of the big No No additives, but I find they leave my hair more difficult to manage! Would love to find safe, GF hair products that do their job. Please and thank you!

  • Zahra says:

    Hey.. I wanted to know if it is necessary that a person who is allergic to gluten in food should also be allergic to gluten, in their makeup and skincare products.. I’ve been a Celiac for 14 years and counting.

  • Wilson says:

    I thought I found a good source of pure, clean, gluten free makeup-until I saw that their mascara had gluten in it! I wish I could find a good mascara that didn’t have a lot of chemicals OR gluten it it! I bet you know of a source, right?

  • Denise says:

    I am wondering if the acne I keep getting could be because of the gluten in makeup. I use arbone facial wash and I thought I read on here that it had gluten in it. My s so sensitive. I’ve tried several make ups and a lot make me break out bad. I switched soaps, but not sure if my Kerritan shampoo and conditioner has gluten or not?

  • REK981 says:

    I would love some recommendations for face wash and moisturizer that are gluten free.

  • Rachelle says:

    I was diagnosed with an AI disease and multiple food allergies, including gluten 3 years ago. A year into it I realized I needed to do an overhaul with my makeup and beauty supplies. It made a huge difference but didn’t realize brands who will say they don’t contain gluten are truly GF! Thank you for this realization. 🙂

  • Dawn Beals says:

    I love the idea of GF makeup! I’m excited to see what kind it difference it can make in my overall health.

  • Lezlie says:

    I would love to find gluten free perfume in a variety of fragrances that I could try. I love the scents of jasmine and lavender. I have yet to find one I really like.

  • Michelle J. says:

    What is your recommendation for a gluten free moisturizer? since this is one of the bases before all the make up, I want to be sure the first layer is a safe layer

  • Mala Patterson says:

    I recently purchased and used some makeup that was for folks who struggle with dermatitis. Unfortunately, I broke out horribly. The makeup has a lot of Vitamin E. Is most Vitamin E in makeup derived from wheat germ? If so, I think I know why I broke out although it was supposed to uber-sensitive.

  • Beth says:

    So many fabulous questions so far!! Remember, even if you don’t win the big prize, Afton will be answering some of your questions in her next guest post. Don’t be afraid to repeat a question–that will let us know it’s one lots of you want Afton to answer. Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like. Keep the questions coming–only 6 days left!

  • Rachelle says:

    I would also love to know what Nail polish is gluten free. I miss painting my toenails!!

  • Rachelle says:

    A quick sharing of my experience when I switched to makeup without gluten ingredients (may not be totally GF, I now know)…..I have eye strain all the time and wasn’t able to read for more than a few minutes without them getting severe strain. After 5 days of switching to just makeup without Gluten added, I read a book in a day for the first time in many years. I can only imagine what may happen if I can get more clarity of truly GF makeup!! Thanks 🙂

  • Nat says:

    Always looking for alternatives and great great ideas

  • Shari says:

    This might sound a bit naïve, but how does one know if gluten in their makeup is actually causing them harm? I was diagnosed with celiac six years ago, but I have always struggled with breakouts. To me, they seem hormonal, as they fluctuate throughout the month. For many years when I was younger, I never even wore makeup, but still had breakouts. Now that I’m in my mid-40’s, I thought for sure at some point I’d grow out of acne, but no such luck. How do I know if my beauty products are causing me to break out or if it’s just hormones?

  • Sharon says:

    I have been gluten free for over 5 years since being diagnosed with Celiac. I am careful to use gluten free lipstick (because it seems like I ‘eat it’ — but haven’t sought out other gluten free makeup. Does the skin absorption of lotions, makeup etc. enter my digestive system somehow? Sorry if that seems like a silly question. Thank you!

  • Leslie B says:

    Not only am I gluten free but I have to be careful of other things that make me rashy. Are most of your products allergen free?

  • Julie says:

    What makes a makeup item not gluten free? Do certain ingredients cause more of an effect?
    I have used eye liner not on the gf makeup list and was fine, while reacting horribly to mascaras and powders.

    What kind of remedies can you do if your skin reacts to food intolerance by breaking out (aside from avoiding the food)?

  • Reem says:

    Being highly gluten sensitive I sometimes find myself wishing to buy big brand makeup because its easily accessible everywhere we go, and the colors are so pretty. I know it’s risky but are there gluten free options in big brands? Without having to risk any allergic reaction to them?
    Thank you

  • Marjory W says:

    What are your thoughts on Physicians Formula gluten-free make-up products sold at Rite-Aid and perhaps other stores?

  • Beth says:

    The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! We’re sorting through the questions now and Afton’s guest post will be up this week or next week. I will email the winner of the giveaway today. Winner will be announced on the blog tomorrow. Good luck, everyone!

  • Kristin Johnson says:

    I use Bite and I believe they are gluten free. Not as cohesive, but I like the look and feel.

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