Gluten-Free Makeup Answers (June/July 2015)

Afton Jones (AKA The Gluten Free Makeup Gal) has graciously
offered to answer the 5 most popular questions asked in this post.
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gfmg headerAfton Jones has a passion for safe and gluten free makeup. She’s the blogger @ Gluten Free Makeup Gal and the resident crazy makeup lady of Simply Gluten-Free Magazine. A writer by trade and a Texan by birth, she’s been internally gluten free since ’07 and topically gluten free since ’11. Yeah, it took her forever to figure that out. Hopefully her work will make sure it doesn’t take YOU forever to figure it out.

Thanks for all the questions, y’all! You had some really good ones. It was fun reading through your comments, so let’s get those questions answered.

How do I know if I need gluten-free makeup, skincare, and/or hair care products?

There are 2 reasons you might need gluten free topical products. Just one reason might apply to you, or both may at the same time.

  1. Topical sensitivity to gluten.
  2. Wanting to eliminate all possible ingestion of gluten for yourself, and for the people you come into contact with.

The 2nd reason could apply to anyone. Extremely sensitive Celiacs who get sick just from airborne gluten, much less smeared near their lips. Parents with Celiac children. Folks with Celiac partners. The list goes on. If gluten concerns you for any reason, that may be reason enough to ditch it in your topical products.

But the 1st reason is the hardest one to pin down. Just like Celiac or internal gluten sensitivity, the actual symptoms for topical sensitivity may drastically vary from one person to the next. Not terribly helpful, huh? Well here’s a good rule of thumb to get you started.

If you have a skin problem that keeps popping up and won’t go away no matter what you try, there’s a good chance you’re reacting to topical gluten.

Readers of Gluten Free Makeup Gal have reported a number of symptoms. There’s too many to list here in total, but here’s the top 5:

  1. Rashes
  2. Burning eyes
  3. Watery eyes
  4. Internal “like I’ve been glutened” symptoms
  5. Swollen eyes/eyelids

Do any of those sound familiar? You might be topically sensitive.

At the end of the day, the only way to know for sure is to cleanse your collection of all gluten-containing products and see what happens. To this day, I’ve never met someone who suspected they were topically sensitive, kicked gluten off their skin, and regretted it.

What ingredients contain gluten?

Wheat and barley are extremely common in topical ingredients. With good reason, to be honest. Wheat is a cheap and versatile product that’s usually nourishing for skin and hair. Of course, not so for us who are sensitive to it. Unfortunately, these common ingredients turn sneaky in a heartbeat.

It’s not just the words “wheat” or “barley” you have to look out for. You also have to search for the gluten-derived ingredients. And these are so numerous, it’s almost impossible to list them all.  But here’s an infographic that lists the most popular ones.

How do I find affordable makeup?

It’s hard to find affordable gluten free makeup. Unfortunately for pocketbooks, it’s often the higher end companies that really take the time to be safe for their customers. While that’s wonderful for peace of mind, it’s not so wonderful for budgeting.

But there are companies that make safe products that are also reasonably priced. In fact, you can check out 10 reasonably priced and totally awesome products right here.

How do I sort through misinformation about what is and is not actually gluten-free?

The reason there is so much misinformation is because there is no standard for gluten free makeup. Unless a company is being verified by one of the independent labeling companies, there is nobody telling companies or consumers what is safely gluten free. Thus every company and every well-intentioned friend is free to say “Oh, this is gluten free!” with no guidance about what is truly safe.

It’s an enormous task to figure out what is true and what is not. But here’s a few quick pointers to get you started:

  • DON’T just trust when someone tells you “Oh, XYZ makeup is gluten free!” Unless you know A) they understand gluten and topical sensitivity; B) they have spoken to the company themselves and grilled them extensively.
  • DO know what standard you’re looking for in gluten free makeup. Are you OK with cross-contamination? Do you only want to make sure you don’t ingest it? Do you want to make sure it never in any form or size gets into your house or on your body?
  • DON’T just glance at a website, see the words “gluten free” and assume this means the products are safe. In the makeup world, the meaning of “gluten free” is up to the people who want to sell you their product.
  • DO figure out what questions will get answers out of companies that may be squirrely in answering you. What you ask depends on what you want. If you want to make sure there are no gluten-derived ingredients anywhere in the product, you’ll have to ask. If you want to make sure it’s not processed on the same equipment as other gluten-containing products, you’ll have to ask. You get the picture.

There’s a reason it takes so long to find accurate information. It’s a long, slow process to dig up the truth.

If you want to skip all that, you can just download a list of all the safely gluten free makeup on the web. No tricky companies to deal with, no hidden gluten, all the work done for you.

What’s a good gluten-free nail polish, perfume, sunscreen, face wash, moisturizer, mascara, shampoo, conditioner, etc.?

Of all the questions y’all asked, this was the most asked of them all. It’s a good question! If all you want is to make sure your products are gluten free, you just need a quick replacement for what you like to use. The trouble is there’s so many to find, it would be impossible for me to tell you about all the best gluten free products in just one blog post.

But don’t worry: I do have the answer for you.

Whether you need gluten free mascara, nail polish, foundation, eye liner, or maybe just everything, you can find all the answers in one place. Check out my eBook, The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gluten Free Makeup.

Thanks again to Afton for sharing her knowledge of gluten-free makeup with us! Our partnership continues, so feel free to keep asking questions and keep an eye out for future giveaways from Gluten Free Makeup Gal.

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