Featured Readers Update

I recently received a thought-provoking email from reader, Joslyn.

With her permission, I’ve copied her email below:

“Hi – as a new subscriber but not as new to Celiac disease (2 ½ years post diagnosis) i was intrigued by your feature idea. Not so much that I want to be featured but what I struggled most with when diagnosed was not having anyone to talk to, face-to-face. The dietician they set me up with didn’t have Celiac’s, didn’t really get where to shop locally or where i could eat safely when going out. Something to consider – not starting local support groups but what about featuring folks like us that would be glad to meet with someone locally to just talk. Or to maybe walk through a grocery store the first time – so that you don’t leave in tears like many of us do at first? Just a thought.”

I’ve restructured the Featured Readers section of the blog to incorporate some of Joslyn’s ideas.

  • Finding (Gluten) Freedom Stories is a new series that will feature those readers who volunteer to share their story about living gluten-free. If you would like to be featured, please email me and specify you are interested in sharing your story. Look for the first post next week!
  • Your Gluten-Free Tips will continue to include reader-submitted tips (to submit a tip, comment on this post), but I will also be adding additional tips that are submitted anonymously. If you would like to submit a tip anonymously, please email me and specify that you would like to remain anonymous). Tips can be lessons you learned the hard way, scenarios you learned how to manage (like how to walk through a grocery store), or even questions you are still struggling to answer. Select comments and questions will be featured in individual blog posts to encourage additional community-based discussion on that topic.
  • I am also researching how to establish an online GF Mentor Program that connects gluten-free veterans and newbies over video chat and/or email to talk about common frustrations, questions, strategies, etc. It would be a little more personal than a support group and will hopefully reduce anxieties and feelings of isolation that commonly occur when transitioning to gluten-free living. Please comment below if you would be interested in a GF mentoring and specify if you would prefer to be a veteran or newbie. Thanks!

Have an idea for the blog? Email me or comment below!